ZEO Active, organic powder for cleaning fruits and vegetables, Life Care® - Product code:9291, Life Care
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ZEO Active, organic powder for cleaning fruits and vegetables, Life Care®
ZEO Active, organic powder for cleaning fruits and vegetables, Life Care® - Code 9291 Life Care


100% natural

Alkaline Ph, between 8.9 and 9.2

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175 g
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The health risk caused by pesticides, toxins, heavy and radioactive metals found in fruits and vegetables is a real one, and the fact that they can cause imbalances in the body raises the alarm.
Eliminate this risk by decontaminating them! Simple and easy, add a teaspoon of ZEO Active powder to the water with which you are going to wash fruits and vegetables:
>> NO pesticides, mold and toxins;
>> Removes heavy and radioactive metals;
>> Removes dirt, bacteria and waxy solutions from the surface of fruits and vegetables;
>> It does not change the taste and smell of food!

Benefits and efects

ZEO Active, is an organic powder, 100% natural, ideal for the decontamination of fruits and vegetables.
By decontaminating with ZEO Active, organic powder, Life Care® the fruits and vegetables, caused by the conditions of growth, harvesting, transport, packaging, storage and sale, you will obtain:
>> a better result in weight loss and detoxification programs;
>> protection against liver and kidney function;
>> the harmonious development of young children - cleaner and healthier foods;
>> fruits and vegetables without toxic substances;
>> healthier products for people with allergies;
>> healthier life!
Eliminate everything that is harmful from the fruits and vegetables you eat daily!

Directions for use

Add the vegetables and fruits in a bowl and cover them with water. Add at least 5 grams of powder to 1 kg of vegetables and fruits. Wash the fruits/vegetables in the resulting suspension and leave for 15 minutes to act. To remove the wax from the peel of fruits/vegetables it is necessary to use a sponge soaked in water containing powder. At the end, rinse the fruits and vegetables under running water. Precautions: Keep out of reach of children. The product is not toxic, but may cause discomfort in case of eye contact. Avoid sunlight/high temperatures. Keep closed, as much as possible.


100% ultra-fine micronized activated zeolite. Zeolite activated according to a patented formula.


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