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Magic Energy - ECO Coffee

Energizing and vitalizing

Removes the sensation of tiredness

Stimulation of cardiac activity

And of the immune system

Prevents premature ageing

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50 g
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Magic Energy- BIO Instant coffee is a unique blend that pampers your senses and vitalizes you, but in a very healthy way.

Benefits and efects

The unique savour and the special benefits for health, are given by a combination of BIO arabica coffee (from exclusively organic crops), BIO extracts of ganoderma,ginseng and BIO corn syrup powder. This 100% certified ORGANIC ingredients are an additional guarantee of quality and health! The ganoderma and ginseng are well-known for their tonic and restorative effect, removing the sensation of tiredness,and stimulating of the immune system and the heart activity, but also to slow down the process of premature aging.

Directions for use

1 g of Magic Energy-BIO Coffee (half teaspoon) for a small cup of coffee (40-60 ml) or 2 g (1 teaspoon) for a medium cup (110 ml); pour hot water (not boiling) and stir. The taste and aroma are ideal if water is having a temperature of approximately 75 ° C.


Coffee BIO 78%, 20% BIO corn syrup powder, 1% BIO-Ganoderma extract; 1% BIO-Ginseng- extract.

Expectations and advice

NO animal ingredients
NOT tested on animals
Age recommendation >16 years


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    • 1.Review added:  HOWARD ASPASIA  On 13.04.2021
    • Love it ! Love it !!!
      Doesn't taste like soluble coffee but more like roasted coffee!
    • 2.Review added:  HOWARD ASPASIA  On 16.03.2021
    • I may be the first to add a review here but it's so much to say about this coffee. Beside the taste, a delicious one of roasted coffee which you don't get in a soluble coffee, the energy level are up and the benefits are to be considered. Favorite, alongside the other product I have used, so far! Kudos, Life Care!
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