Life Impulse® NeuroBooster Complex - Product code:7046, Life Care
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Life Impulse® NeuroBooster Complex
Life Impulse® NeuroBooster Complex - Code 7046 Life Care

memory enhancement

stress reduction

optimization of well-being

supports cognitive function

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The central nervous system is made up of the brain and spinal cord, and the nerve cell is called the neuron. The brain is a very active organ and is the control center of the body. It controls many functions of the body such as: heartbeat, walking, generating thoughts and emotions, muscle movements.

Benefits and efects

The unique formula of the Life Impulse® NeuroBooster Complex contains vitamins and 3 special ingredients:
Brahmi 5:1 enhances the memory, stimulates the learning or concentration capacity, nourishes brain neurons, fights mental fatigue or stress, has antioxidant properties, improves the respiratory functions.
Gingko Biloba Extract 5:1 - the extract enhances the cerebral vascular system, improves the energy metabolism at the brain level and inhibits the platelet activating factor, which reduces the blood clotting tendency.
L-triptophan - an amino acid that is rarely found in the daily diet, but with a very important role, being essential in the metabolic process and in many important functions of the human body. It ensures the normal functioning of the nervous system and has a remarkable effect of improving the mood. L-tryptophan contributes to the production of serotonin, an important neurotransmitter in the brain, is a neuronal antioxidant and vascular tonic, reduces stress and optimizes overall well-being.

Directions for use

1 capsule /day. It is recommended only to persons beginning with the age of 18 years old. Do not exceed the recommended daily allowance.


Box with 30 capsules. Ingredients / capsule: Magnesium citrate 32 mg – 8.5% of VNR; lecithin 50 mg; Extract of Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) 5:1 - 50 mg; Extract of gingko (Gingko Biloba) 5:1-30 mg; L-Tryptophan 30 mg; Vitamin B3 (niacin) 2.66 mg – 16.6% of NRV; Vitamin B1(thiamine) 0.55mg – 50% of VNR; Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) 0.4 mg – 28.6% of NRV; Vitamin B12 1% (cyanocobalamin) 0.41 mcg -100% of NRV. Other ingredients: capsule of cellulose - qs. NRV - Nutritional Reference Value - cf. Reg.UE 1169/2011, * - NRV is not set. Variation of ingredients +/- 10 %.

Notified by MS/CRSPT: Series AB, No. 2007

Expectations and advice

NO animal ingredients
NOT tested on animals
Pregnant and breastfeeding woman, or people with sensitivity to any of the ingredients need to get doctors approval before using this product.


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