Life Impulse® NADH PLUS 20 mg - Physical and mental energizer - Product code:7049, Life Care
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Life Impulse® NADH PLUS 20 mg - Physical and mental energizer
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physical and mental energizer

reduces oxidative stress

improves mood, energy, focus and memory

reduces the effects of aging

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NADH (Nicotinamide-adenine dinucleotide), a coenzyme that is naturally present in all living cells, is necessary for the cell development and the energy production at cellular level. It was discovered in 1906 by Arthur Harden and William Young, and the researches claim that it stimulates the production of dopamine, noradrenaline and serotonin neurotransmitters, thus improving the mental clarity and the power of focus, and fighting against the effects of aging.
One third of all body energy is used by the brain. Therefore, of all the organs in the body, the brain is most affected when the body runs out of energy.
It is scientifically proven that as the quantity of NADH increases, the whole body is loaded with more energy. With increasing age, the ability of the body to absorb and retain nutrients and vitamins decreases, that is why it is very important to improve the daily intake of NADH in the body.

Benefits and efects

Life Impulse® NADH Plus is a product for the memory, that is efficient for people going through stressful or busy periods and improves cognitive performance and memory.

Life Impulse® NADH Plus acts as:
>> physical and mental energizer
>> keeps the mind free and clear throughout the day, increasing the efficiency of intellectual activity
>> produces energy in all the cells of the body
>> reduces oxidative stress (has antioxidant effect)
>> improves mood, energy, focus and memory
>> reduces the effects of aging
>> stimulates and boosts the immune system

Directions for use

1 tablet /day. It is recommended to persons over the age of 16 years. Do not exceed the daily portion recommended. Keep away from the direct light, store in a dry and cool place. The normal diet cannot be replaced with the use of this dietary supplement. Consume preferable until the end of the period mentioned on the packaging. Keep this dietary supplement away from the reach of small children.


Box containing 30 tablets. A tablet contains the following ingredients: 20 mg NADH, 20 mg ascorbic acid. Other ingredients: cellulose– q.s.


Notified by MS/CRSPT: Series AB, No. 2114

Expectations and advice

NO animal ingredients
NOT tested on animals
Pregnant and breastfeeding woman, or people with sensitivity to any of the ingredients need to get doctors approval before using this product.


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