Laundry Bleach, Life Care® - Ecocert certified - Product code:905, Life Care
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Laundry Bleach, Life Care® - Ecocert certified
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The ecological alternative

Removes difficult stains

Efficient even at 30°C

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13.49 EUR
Netto quantity:
500 g
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The BIO bleach for laundry helps remove stains caused by grease, fruit, coffee, tea. The bleaching agent based on oxygen is the cleanest alternative. Bleach prevents the formation of buckling gray the white or colored laundry.

Benefits and efects

The Laundry Bleach, Life Care® can remove even the most difficult stains of coffee and tea without problem. It is effective even at temperatures of 30 ° C. It breaks down when it is combined with soda, water and oxygen, so the water will not be poluted. The oxygen bleach is suitable for temperatures between 30 ° and 95 ° c.

Directions for use

The quantity of 500 g is sufficient for 40 rinsing operations, respectively 20 washing operations.


Agent-based oxygen bleach; Soda; Natron; Sodium citrate; Sodium sulfate; Sugar surfactants. Substance activation of the bleaching agent

Expectations and advice

NO animal ingredients
NOT tested on animals


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