BioHAUS® Stain remover Soap - Product code:952, Life Care
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BioHAUS® Stain remover Soap
BioHAUS® Stain remover Soap - Code 952 Life Care

Contains natural enzymes

Intense cleansing power

Antibacterial effect

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5.99 EUR
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100 g
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The stain remover soap effectively removes fruit, blood, grease, ink and albumin stains from natural colored fabrics (not painted). Contains natural enzymes from ox bile that can dissolve fat and albumin on the fabric.

Benefits and efects

They have an intense cleaning and antibacterial effect over laundry.

Directions for use

Moisten the stain, rub the surface with soap, allow to sit, eventually rub it with a soft brush and rinse well with water or wash the garment.


> 30% soap, a complex of carboxymethyl alanine, ox gall (fixing solution), chlorophyll, perfume.


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