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Program valid only on Romania and Hungary.  

Recommend products to your Life! 




Because you have tried the products you liked and you've inserted into the consumer you want to refer to and those around him, you get every order with the minimum amount of payment of 200 lei 3 promotional codes for 3 friends of your friends, who want to make an informed the products Life. Make sure you have entered your

email address in the system is correct, in order to receive these codes on your email!


Each code promotinal consists of 6 characters.  

  1. Choose 3 friends
  2. Invite them in Community Life (as a Client or partner Life Care)
  3. Give them each a promotional code, of the 3 that you receive by email.


This month, the three friends of your friends who use their first order promotional code given to you, they get anti-stress shower gel GIFT with lemon balm BIO Krauter ®-4013 code (500 ml).


In order to receive the product at first order GIFT, each of those 3 friends to whom you've sent promotional codes, will complete a unique character code in the ' promotional Code ', then choose your favorite products .


 * For partners in Hungary, the value of the order to which they grant the 3 vouchers is 15,000 Ft.



RECOMMEND PROGRAM and EARN from sponsorship:

Is valid for all Life Care Partners, regardless of country of residence (Romania, Hungary or International).



• Which is the period of validity of the program?

1.11.2022 – 30.04.2023


• Who is addressed to?

Who should attend?  All partners from Romania and the European Union (individuals or businesses), which recruits directly.


• How does this Program work?

We offer partner recruited directly a bonus in the amount of:

  • 10% of the cumulated value of monthly orders of new partners from Romania, which are in the Welcome program
  • 15% of the cumulated value of monthly orders of new partners from Hungary, which are in the Welcome program
  • 20% of the cumulated value of monthly orders of new partners from INTERNATIONAL, which are in the Welcome program


Only if the Direct Sponsor places aggregate monthly orders of at least 25 PVA in the months of the New Partner Program, the Direct Sponsor will also win the Customer's and New Partner's orders, will receive 10% / 15% 20% bonus from the cumulative value of minimum orders (final payment, including tva) placed in the first month of activity by each Client and its new Partner.


Simultaneous conditions in order to get the bonus "refer and earn sponsorship from"

  • New partner welcome program meets the Moon Moon conditions in this program;  

If the new Partner Program fulfills not welcome, Sponsor gets the bonus of 10% of its orders;

  • Sponsor direct has the personal monthly minimum orders 25 pva-related activity in the coming months for new Program partners welcome (from March 2018).


How to grant the bonus?

  • The bonus is given to products or billable (for legal entities)
  • Bonus is awarded at the end of the month for the previous month
  • For legal persons is taken into account the amount without VAT, as in the case of other bonuses
  • To pay the bonus for Partners who are recruiting directly in another country, we will calculate the bonus at a fixed amount that takes into account the following parity: 1 euro = 4,45 lei = 300 Ft.


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